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Installation Instructions

  1. After you download the ZIP file, right-click on it and select Properties. In the General tab, if there is an "Unblock" button, click it. Then click OK.
  2. Unzip the file to a known location (eg. C:\DataAccess)
  3. After you’ve downloaded and extracted Moq (hyperlink above), copy Moq.dll to the .\Lib\Moq folder
  4. If you installed ASP.NET MVC in the default folder on your C drive and have a .\sqlexpress database instance in place, run InstallAndBuildRI.cmd to setup the RI. If you don’t, please read the following so you’ll know how to proceed. This is what the script does:
    1. Installs the database that the Web site will use. If you don’t have a .\sqlexpress instance already in place, you’ll have to edit WWPlatform\Database\Build.cmd, and run it manually.
    2. Installs the database that the Unit/Functional tests will use. If you don’t have a .\sqlexpress instance already in place, you’ll have to edit WWPlatform\Database\BuildTest.cmd, and run it manually.
    3. Copies your System.Web.Mvc.dll to the Lib folder. Do this step manually if you didn’t install it to the default folder.
    4. Builds ExternalCode\ExternalCode.sln (Prism and EntLib blocks)
    5. Builds WWPlatform\WWPlatform.sln (the actual RI)
  5. Open VS 2010 Beta 1, go to Tools -> Options, and select “Historical Debugging” from the list on the left, and use the checkbox on the right to disable it. This step is a workaround to a bug that currently shows up when debugging ASP.NET MVC applications.

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