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Data Guidance MSDN Release Bugs


There seem to be two bugs in the official MSDN release source code.

Problem: I was not able to register an account with the application to login with.
Solution: EF configuration is missing for Person and SalesOrderHeader model.

Property(p => p.PersonGuid)
Adding that snippet fixes the error "PersonGUID column does not exist."

The next bug is in SalesOrderHeaderMap.cs. Add the following EF config.
Property(soh => soh.TrackingId)
After doing this, I could create accounts and login. I've also been able to successfully configure MongoDB & Neo4j.


Manikrish wrote Oct 23, 2013 at 1:36 AM

To install the RI and be able to login successfully, there are a couple of powershell scripts which need to be run as a prerequisite. Please see the updated readme and release notes for more details and let us know if you still have these issues.
These docs are at: